How to Wipe

Cleanroom wiping is not a complex procedure; however, a few guidelines should be followed for optimal effectiveness. Following the steps below ensures effective cleaning and avoids redistribution of surface contamination. Always follow protocols for your cleanroom.

Step 1

Quarterfold the wiper by folding it in half once and then again.

Step 2

Moisten the wiper with a compatible cleaning solution either in the bag or with a squirt bottle.

Step 3

Take your first pass wiping the surface from cleanest to dirtiest, methodically in a linear stroke.

Step 4

Flip the wiper to the clean side and make a second pass, overlapping the previous pass slightly.

Step 5

Partially unfold the wiper to expose additional clean wiper surfaces.

Step 6

Take two additional passes, methodically working your way across the surface using a clean side of the wiper for each pass.

Step 7

Remember to only make one pass with each wiper side. Take a systematic approach, keeping track of where you have wiped. Once all 4 sides of the wiper have been used, it may be unfolded and reversed so that four additional clean sides are available. When all surfaces of a wiper have been used, dispose of the wiper.